Walkaround checks
This module helps to elicit potential emergencies at an early stage as well as equipment defects, to improve discipline at work and to make emergency response quicker.

This module helps to plan and perform regular walkaround checks using handheld devices at industrial premises
Timely detection of
defects and accumulation
of statistics

Detailed elaboration of preventive maintenance

Quick decision-making related to repairs

Reduction of human factor impact and prevention of duplicated work
Control, improved quality and accuracy of works

Improved responsibility
and labor discipline

Business effects
Quicker emergency detection
Shorter downtime of equipment
Control of compliance
with job description
Management of check-lists and walkaround routes
Planning and performance of walkaround checks using handheld devices
Monitoring of the condition of equipment and its operation
Taking pictures of the work results is mandatory

Electronic reporting on the performed walkaround checks and the elicited deficiencies
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