Who we are?
BIMeister is a team of experts in digital transformation of industrial and engineering assets and facilities, a leading Russian software developer

Evgenii Khafizov,
Founder& CEO
Dear partners!

Our company's mission is to resolve ambitious digitalization challenges at industrial facilities during their whole life cycle. The main goal is to create a comprehensive system to manage industrial assets based on BIMeister, a Russian platform that will improve the efficiency of your business and bring it to a new level of digitalization.
Company history in brief

How it all started...
The initial idea was to put BIM-models in practice at the stages of construction and operation of industrial plants.
The information model quickly became outdated and was barely used for change management or resolving specific tasks at the stages of design, construction and operation.
What was the problem at our clients' facilities?
With this product, it is possible to combine information about industrial assets from various sources in a single digital information model valid at every stage of the life cycle of the facilities. It takes a few seconds for the user to view all data related to a particular object: characteristics, documentation, related tasks and events, and location on a 3D-model.
Why did we create this software?
Applied modules of the BIMeister platform enable digitalization of business processes and integrating them in a digital information model. We created unique independent instruments that make
BIM-solutions available at the stage of operation.
We accepted the challenge on the market
It all started with the team that developed proprietary BIM-model visualization engine that can process changes in engineering data from various CAD/CAE systems.
How we developed the product...
The practical benefits and efficiency of use of the 3D information model throughout the life cycle of an industrial facility has become evident for our clients. We are now creating an ecosystem to accomplish real tasks at the facilities. Our solutions are rapidly developing, new updates are released every 3 months.
What the ambitious start-up turned into
We wanted to make out product independent and very advanced. That's why we have developed the platform first, and only after that we implemented BIM-models.
Why we have chosen this way?
Ease of use and advanced technologies, accessibility of data for users to optimize operational expenses and minimize downtime at the industrial facilities of our clients.
What we are currently focused on
A leading Russian developer in the area of digital transformation of industrial and engineering assets
BIMeister company today